Food is Good

As a reading teacher the above title can be useful in teaching the variety of sounds that ‘oo’ can make. But, the purpose of this post is about some of the habits my family has in regards to their breakfast foods. I consider going out for breakfast very decadent and sometimes, when I am stressed out, I think about where I would go out for breakfast and what I would order. My favorite breakfast eatery is an inn located in the Smoky Moutains where my husband and I honeymooned and have frequented on special occasions. The dining room overlooks the mountains in their purple hued glory and the smoke drifing among them. The pungent smell of coffee wafts through the dining room as they bring you a piece of warm coffee cake topped with crumbling cinnamon. Then there is a selection of blueberry waffles, specialty eggs, and fresh fruit.

In contrast, our daily routine consists of my husband’s secret ‘mush’ and my green smoothie. My husband’s mush recipe has been intricately devised with museli, shredded wheat, Grape Nuts (have you heard of the great Grape Nut shortage these days?), All Bran, skim milk, raisins, blueberries, cinnamon, and a soft boiled egg on the weekend. The topping is the leftover foam from his capuccino. He does not function well until the process of making these items and eating/drinking them is complete. The smell of his mush indicates to me that we have safely journeyed through the night and the day is as fresh and new as a baby’s butt (after a bath.)

My green smoothie consists of: a handful of spinach, one stalk of celery, half of a cucumber, half of a banana, fresh ginger, half a cup of either hemp or almond milk, pea protein, and water to make the blender work. This is not a typical yummy breakfast smell. However, it aligns with my belief that the most important things that you would like to achieve in a day need to be done first thing in the morning because the rest of the day will quickly evolve into chaos. Chaos means that there may not be enough time for vegetables, exercise, and writing. All of the activities I attempt to do before 7:15 am.

My son needs an everything bagel with cream cheese and orange juice. My daughter eats a peanut butter sandwich. Maybe we should go out for breakfast more. I mean life is short, right? But then, those times we go out wouldn’t be as special. What is your breakfast routine?

One thought on “Food is Good

  1. Love the breakfast routine. I like the specialness of going out but agree that it would be spoiled if done too often. When we do go out, I’m always disappointed if I don’t do the french toast or pancakes.


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