Left Behind

I sound like my kids, “Everyone is going somewhere except for me.” Today is the last day before Spring Break and the students and teachers are sharing their destinations. I hear teachers saying they are not going anywhere because of the pandemic, but then I hear teachers and students saying they are going to Florida, Alabama, and Texas.

I am staying here. We haven’t traveled anywhere since the pandemic hit. We would normally go somewhere, but we are still avoiding big crowds and situations that could be unsafe. Also, my youngest son is preparing for a robotics competition on April 3rd.

When I reflect on my feelings of being ‘left behind,’ I think it is more about having something that everyone else has. Like when I was in middle school and I wanted the same jeans all the other girls had. I like to travel, but it can be a lot of work planning and actually going. I haven’t had the time to plan and it would be nice to just chill.

I have some plans. My older son is coming to visit from college. I plan to go to my dad’s hometown and look at all of his hangouts with him. My husband and I have a day planned just for us. I was just talking to my students about building a cool gingerbread house, so I’ll probably do that. At first, I thought about making our city’s library. But, I really should start small. A book filled with cutout alphabet cookies would be nice.

A lot of mother’s might say, “If so and so was going to go and jump off a bridge would you follow them?” Or something like that. I’m not jumping off the bridge this Spring Break and I will enjoy every moment I have with my family, my books, and my gingerbread.

2 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. I love how you let this thought take you back to what it felt like to be a teenager, anxious to fit in. Then you let your thoughts travel through your plans and there is such gratitude in the words you choose to describe these events that in a week will be meaningful memories.


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