Fortune Cookies

This post was inspired by two pieces of writing. The first is a lovely poem by Billy Collins called “Imperial Gardens.” He writes his own fortune for a ‘make believe’ cookie that includes about how he has been a jerk to his girlfriend. The second is a blog by Josh Madison. He writes down every fortune he has ever received out of fortune cookies. I’m going to pull out a few and apply them to my life. After all, fortune cookies are all about the interpretation.

  • A fresh start will put you on your way. (Getting ready for ALL students to be back after Spring Break.)
  • A pleasant surprise is awaiting you. (Spring Break!)
  • Courtesy begins in the home. (Always a good reminder. Especially in the morning before coffee or chocolate.)
  • Disbelief destroys the magic. (A sign of maturity is deciding when to be the ‘Debbie Downer.’)
  • Go for the gold today! You’ll be the champion of whatever. (I thought the last sentence was funny. I want to be the champion of “whatever.” Imagine saying it with a lot of angst.)
  • He who knows he has enough is rich. (This needs to be taped to my forehead, so I can read it every time I’m teaching online.)
  • How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand. (Admit it. You feel your hand rising.)
  • It’s not the amount of time you devote, but what you devote to the time that counts. (This goes along with ‘work smarter, not harder’ and ‘be in the moment.’)
  • Meditation with an old enemy is advised. (Can you envision yourself sitting in a yoga position with your eyes closed next to an enemy? It makes me feel more loving to them already.)
  • Today, your mouth might be moving but no one is listening (The day before Spring Break.)
  • You like Chinese Food. (Actually, I’m not a big fan.)

And the final one I wish for you is: Your life will be happy and peaceful.

3 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies

  1. The second to last one made me laugh out loud (You like Chinese food) imagining getting that fortune after finishing a delicious meal;) And the very last one back at you! What a great idea, creating a poem out of fortunes.


  2. This was a really fun slice to read and engage with! Billy Collins is one of my favorites from the early 2000s… I might have to go revisit a few of his so thank you for the inspiration. 💛


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