Bending or Breaking

Throughout this pandemic year we have all experienced situations where our relationships experienced some bending and breaking. Some relationships could withstand the bending. We allowed for grace and making exceptions for certain behaviors because we are living in an exceptional time. But, we also had to stand up for behaviors that we believed in and grace may not have been returned. This is where the breaking has occurred or is still happening.

I am hoping that eventually these relationships will be mended. If the choices we made and the choices that our friends or relatives made were not aligned I am hoping that these choices do not permanently implant a version of ourselves in each other’s minds that portray each other as too rigid or too lax. When we are allowed to stand closer than 6 feet apart and to be at large family gatherings again, I hope that we will be able to find common ground and that we will want to be together again.

3 thoughts on “Bending or Breaking

  1. Utter truth. My biggest challenge over the course of the past year had to do with the dissonance within my own extended family brought on by differing perspectives surrounding the pandemic. So much grace needed to and continually needs to be demonstrated as we work through these uncharted waters, especially in our relationships. Very insightful post.


  2. This slice is powerful and caused me to think of my own challenges with relationships, especially those with extended family members. Thank you for writing what I have been feeling.


  3. This has been a huge struggle for us, especially lately. My own little household is united, but we have learned a lot about relationships we once considered far more solid than they turned out to be. Great optimism. I hope it works out for most.


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