Rue des Cascades-#SOL20 Day 25

Today, I was transformed with the imagery and myth of water. It started with the song “Cascades Street” by Yann Tiersen.

“When I’m asleep in Cascade Street
When I’m asleep in Cascade Street
I don’t, I don’t
See anything
When I’m asleep in Cascade Street
When I’m asleep in Cascade Street
I hear, I hear
Nothing, nothing
In the cascade, in the cascade
You washed me”

Rue des Cascades is a street in Paris and it’s history is described as such:

The first mention of the rue des cascades dates back to the 17th century. It was back then a pathway. The name of the street means ‘waterfalls’ in French. It refers to the three ‘regards’ (or manholes) that were connected to the Belleville aqueduct. A clever water supply system was put in place during the Roman era and was later abandoned.
In the Middle Ages it was rediscovered and used by religious orders such as the Saint-Martin-des-Champs abbey and the Templars to supply them with captured rainwater….
Copyright © French Moments Ltd unless otherwise stated. Read more at .

Transcendental dream…

Lifting the man hole I slide down into the cavernous tunnel where the rain water swiftly moves. I step into it and it is cold, but only enough to awaken the senses. There isn’t a light, but there is a decline and I follow it; the water embracing and leaving my shins. With every step I feel lighter. All that I despise in myself is dissipating. I hear the fluttering of wings, stop, and turn quickly. Nothing. Maybe a shadow on the wall moving in the other direction.

Suddenly, I see a light coming straight down from a hole in the brick ceiling. Stopping, I strain my neck to look straight into the sky. My soul is filled with the myths of water and light.


In this street in Paris, the water secretly runs below the streets and is eventually blessed and used to wash away sins. If you could stand beneath a waterfall and accept that the water pouring over you is somehow going to wash away everything you feel is clogging up your joy; wouldn’t you do it? By believing we have imperfections that need to be removed, we have more of an opportunity to accept the imperfections in others. It is an opportunity to build empathy for others. Isn’t that an important way to live?

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