See You on the Flip Side-#SOL20 Day 20

My son is in the same school where I work. There are many advantages to this, but the main advantage is always being privy to the flip side.


  • Scrambling to connect with every student.
  • Writing lesson plans that include technology
  • Writing lesson plans due on Thursday, due Friday
  • What about this student who doesn’t have his chromebook?
  • What do we know about that student who has a remote IEP meeting?
  • Document this, document that
  • Check Twitter-Now what?
  • College students home
  • Need food


  • Checking his seven different google classrooms
  • Trying and failing at Flipgrid
  • Hiding in his room
  • Hiding in his brother’s room
  • This is real. This situation is real.
  • Knock, knock, “I have an aura.”
  • Frozen peas on his head
  • Bucket by his side
  • Sitting in the bathroom doing IXL
  • Why?


  • “It’s due by 5.”
  • “What about Science?”
  • “Due tomorrow.”
  • “What about ELA?”
  • “Due tomorrow.”
  • “What about Social Studies and Math?”
  • “I can’t get my Flipgrid to work.”
  • “I need to listen to this book on audible.”
  • Together we look at all of his google classrooms.
  • “So sorry, Buddy.”
  • This is the flip side.

5 thoughts on “See You on the Flip Side-#SOL20 Day 20

  1. Teaching from home is complicated. Being a parent during the distance learning is complicated. Combined – double complicated. Many kids – I can’t imagine.


  2. This is definitely a new territory for most everyone. I love the idea that kids can still “do” school, but I am not sure about doing everything on the computer all day long and having stringent due dates. I am so sorry that your son is going through this. I hope his migraine gets better soon.


  3. Love this. I have a 7th grader who was actually in my class a couple years ago and my 3rd grade daughter is at my school currently. The way you organized this is really cool. I keep telling my students’ parents that I understand their plight because I am doing what they are (plus doing the stuff I’m kinda forcing them to do). Strange days. Good luck!


  4. I like the conversational nature of your post. There are so many things that don’t have an answer or response, just like life. Good luck to everyone in your house who is trying to figure it all out!


  5. This is so real. “Checking his seven different google classrooms” – This line says it all. I have four children, and three of them (middle school of high school) have 8 Google Classrooms each. My fourth grader has two, so we navigate 26 different Google Classrooms. CRAZY! It’s difficult enough being a teacher. It’s difficult enough being a parent. If you’re both, it is impossible.:) Thank you for sharing.


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