Sacred Routines and Hygiene Hijinks-#SOL20 Day 18

The district directed time to start my new position of on-line teaching is 8 a.m. My body is still on off-line teaching mode. What this means is that if I woke up having a really off day (which could be brought on by a lack of sleep, too much sugar, menapause, family drama, a good book, or a mixture of all of these things) that my body would fall into a specific routine and I would just be along for the ride.

Getting up at five a.m. Taking care of bodily functions and crossword puzzles. Spending ten minutes of body over mind exchanges until I pull on exercise clothes and head to the basement. Did I mention I enjoy showering as much as a cat? The exercising actually forces me to shower. Are you seeing the natural propulsion of my morning routine? Because, if you shower, then you have to put on clean clothes. “If you give a mouse a cookie…”

Today, I still felt that natural propulsion, but then, I was forced out of this mode when my husband and I collided at the bathroom. Can you believe that we were going to shower at the same time? Don’t get excited. Not together. He made an offensive move that would have made Tom Brady proud and slammed the bathroom door shut with me on the other side. It was now 7:45 a.m. Well, these are the moments wet wipes were made for.

At 7:59 a.m. I invaded the cat’s well protected territory and pushed her off the ancient green office chair and plopped down (in clean clothes.) My laptop read 8:00 a.m. and the sun was just over my neighbor’s rooftops.

For a moment, I thought about where I would normally be at this time; standing in a classroom and saying the pledge of allegiance with twenty-five middle school students. Sometimes if I try hard enough I can almost imagine hearing all 1500 students saying the pledge. And then I imagine every public school in America and all of the students saying the pledge. It is mystical, it’s enchanting.

Routines are like prayers, like rituals. They are promises in action. When there is a disruption, they are like water, they push around a solid item or interference until they find a way to be fulfilled. Tomorrow, I will say the pledge in the shower.

3 thoughts on “Sacred Routines and Hygiene Hijinks-#SOL20 Day 18

  1. You capture your newer routine so well! It is day 3 for me and I haven’t gotten up at 5:30am once. Yet, that was always my routine before How quickly it can all change! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I have that same feeling when I am in a large crowd of people singing O Canada. I’ve been here for 17 years (!!) but at a recent hockey game we started with The Star Spangled Banner. It made me teary!

    I find myself realizing at noon that I haven’t showered yet. It’s worse than summer. I need to make a routine for my family or we may not be allowed out of social isolation! Nobody will want to be around us. LOL


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